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The BEST Christmas Parties

Unlimited Alcohol Optional

If you are here then we just want to say… we like your style!

Alcohol is actually 3 of the 5 most important things to think about when planning your Christmas party. For those of you thinking “that doesn’t make any sense” just wait until you are busting grooves on the dance floor at one of these top party picks below, for Christmas parties in London that also have the option to allow guests to enjoy unlimited alcohol for a specified period of time.

We also know that when it comes to planning a Christmas party, most people that find themselves landed with the task of planning the Christmas party (…if you are here then that probably means you!…) do not want to have to worry about anything on the night and be able to enjoy themselves too.

Choosing a Christmas event with an unlimited alcohol option is great because it means that you don’t have to worry about budgeting or other colleagues complaining when the booze limit has been reached, which can be unfair if some people drink more than others! It can also be a much safer option than simply putting the Company card behind the bar as you restrict the drinks that are available to the favourite house beers, wines and spirits. It is better to never experience the sinking feeling of witnessing your co-workers finishing off that second magnum of Krug 1928 champagne!

In our opinion, if your team has been working hard all year, then they should not have to worry about buying a rum and coke at the end of the evening… go on… spoil them a bit!

Christmas Parties With Unlimited Alcohol Packages Avaiilable

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