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The Midnight Circus

The Vaults Christmas Party Venue London
May 17 2016

The Midnight Circus

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The Midnight Circus Christmas party at The Vaults is set to be a Christmas party like no other. Perfect for Exclusive Christmas party groups from 200 guests up to 1000 guests, it is time to get very excited about this amazing event.

As though from thin air, something has appeared in The Vaults. We step inside The Midnight Circus Christmas party and the scent of caramel and cinnamon drifts across me.

We enter, and stiltists, acrobaticers and sneaky freaks titillate me. It’s a true concours d’elegance for the eyes.

The carriages have arrived… We’re transported to a zoological mystery. Exquisite zebras have surrounded us as we sip our bubbles.

Atop the carousel we can see the clouds, and curiously a set of stairs. Amongst the fluffiest fluff I ever did fluff, twinkling stars and a smiling moon. We wait for the moon to become lonely… we walk over and pose with the giant smiling face, happy in the knowledge that this photo will last forever.

We’re beckoned into a dark curtained corner, where a wrinkled Madame is talking in riddles. One by one, she takes us… she tells me my prospects, my futures, my dreams.

We’re beginning to feel hazy, and suddenly a door opens…

I look up and feel dizzy. I imagine myself preparing to jump, to fall, to fly

We’ve stumbled into The Big Top…

The Ring Master snaps a whip in our direction. His eyes lead us to the cages that line the walls – an array of handsome animals smile back at us. A sea of wild friends are swaying, the room seems to be moving. They’re stirring in time with the music, music that shudders through me and fills my bones with the rhythm of the night.

Minutes, hours, days pass, we’ll never be sure.

We manage to make it out unscathed and find ourselves back at the beginning. But not quite the beginning we remember. An amazing maze is laid out before us… it wasn’t here when we passed before. Do we dare?

Our friends find us lost in the haze. At least they were our friends earlier. These performers seem to have bodies that aren’t bodies. There arms, there legs. I can barely look.

I close my eyes, and disappear

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