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Christmas Parties

London 2016

London has got some AMAZING Christmas parties going on for Christmas 2016 and we have spent the first half of the year speaking to the best Christmas party producers in London to find the best parties we know you will LOVE!

Whether you are looking for huge exclusive office Christmas parties or smaller shared staff Christmas parties there is plenty to choose from in 2016! This year there are some amazing themes to choose from, with Rio Carnivale following the Olympics in Brazil this year, to super cool Speakeasy style events for the mischievous amongst us!

Even if the only thing you want to do at the Christmas party this year is have unlimited booze  and bust a groove on the dance-floor, you will be able to do so in style with these 2016 Christmas party ideas.

Before you jump in and start searching for your perfect Christmas party to see out 2016 with your friends and colleagues, consider the size of your group. For small groups of less than 50 guests these shared party ideas in London might work, or you can contact us and we will help you find a great venue .

Between 50-100 guests and you might find what you are looking for in either section!

Or if you are feeling super popular with over 100 guest then you are probably in Exclusive Christmas party territory!

Confused? Need help! Don’t you worry… we are here to help you find an amazing party for your 2016 Christmas celebration!

Let our team of event planning experts give you a hand!

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